Adrian Corker is a musician who has written extensively to picture, for film and tv including several projects with the late director Antonia Bird. Recent completed projects include the score to Florian Hoffmeister’s feature film The Havenots. He also works in various other media collaborating with musicians such as Chris Watson, Richard Skelton, Lucy Railton and Aisha Orzabayeva. A first solo album Raise was released in 2013 folllowed by an EP Start Merge Fade in 2014.

He curated a series of gallery shows at the Paul Stolper Gallery London, featuring sound artists such as Jem Finer, Rie Nakajima and Chris Watson and also recently curated and performed at MusICA an event at the ICA featuring work from and inspired by Giacinto Scelsi. He has also performed at Kings Place, the Vortex, the National Portrait Gallery and the Kaufmann Centre New York.

He runs a label SN Variations and has an album of material with Jack Wyllie released later this year as well as the score to the Havenots which also features work by John Cage and Laurence Crane.