SN Variations 2 – 8.3.16

Side A
Giacinto Scelsi Duo for Violin and Cello
1. Part 1
2. Part 2
Performed by Aisha Orazbayeva and Lucy Railton
Recorded by Peiman Khosravi
Mixed by Peiman Khosravi and AIsha Orazbayeva
Side AA
1. Invertebrate Harmonics Chris Watson
2. Honshirabe 本調
Performed by Joe Browning
Recorded by Chris Watson at Urchin Studios London

Design by Chris Bigg. Detail from ‘Placebo Painting no 7’ by Dillwyn Smith. Photographed by Ian Mann

300 Copies on Vinyl. Also vailable as WAV, FLAC and MP3
Distributed by Kudos. Released 8 March 2016

Chris Watson is published by Touch Music

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Scelsi EP SNVariations