SN Spaces/Unsound Krakow 8.10-15.10.17 There Will Be No Other Forest-Peter Cusack/Martyna Poznańska

Unsound Krakow 8-15 October 2017

London TBA


Bialowieza intact

Białowieza is the largest remaining area of ancient forest in Europe and home to many rare and unique wildlife species. Today it is threatened by increased logging; the policy of the current Polish government. The widespread controversy around this has created intense debate, which gives the context to this work.


Peter Cusack and Martyna Poznańska’s installation ‘There Will Be No Other Forest’ aims to contribute to the debate through a combination of sonic documentation and the more poetic approaches of sensing and experiencing the territory. The central medium will be sound and field recording, but complemented by film, photography and writing. The intention is to focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the small and intimate relationships formed by people with the forest and within the forest ecology itself. The micro sounds of bark beetles inside trees and the subtle visual patterns created by insects and small plants are all explored. Martyna Poznańska’s video ‘My Body Is the Forest, The Forest Is My Body’ suggests associations between human and forest forms as well as the transience of exisitance.


The installation hopes, not only to give exposure to the political/environmental issues, but also to illuminate those connections within Białowieza that shed light on the hidden life of trees and on the human decisions that directly impact the forest.


Martyna Poznańska (P) is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her artistic research focuses on listening and hearing as a transformative act within the urban sonic environment. Through her installations and live performances, she investigates the transience of the affect between different modes of perception, where the listener’s experience becomes the focal point. Her practice involves field recording, writing, video and photography. Martyna showed her works at the Akademie der Künste Berlin (DE), Spor Festival (DK), Deutsche Oper Berlin (DE), The Place, London (UK), Cafe OTO, London (UK). She studied Spanish literature and linguistics at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (PL), voice at the Laboratory of Olga Szwajgier (PL) and Sound Art at The University of the Arts London. In 2016 she obtained the MA degree from Sound Studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Peter Cusack (UK) is based in London and Berlin. He is a field recordist, musician and sound artist with a long interest in the sonic environment. In 1998 he initiated the ‘Favourite Sounds Project’ to discover how people interact with the sounds of the places where they live. It has been carried in cities worldwide including, London, Beijing, Prague and Berlin. His projectSounds from Dangerous Places’ (described as sonic journalism) investigates the soundscapes of sites of major environmental damage such as the Caspian oil fields and the Chernobyl exclusion zone. He is a research fellow at the University of the Arts, London and in 2011 was a guest of the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm.

Co-produced with Unsound Festival Krakow and Up To Date Festival Białystok