Adrian Corker
Adrian Corker is a musician and composer who has written extensively to picture having started working with director Antonia Bird. Recent projects including three seasons of Rowan Joffe's Tin Star for Sky Atlantic / Amazon.

He also releases his own music and co-runs two labels SN Variations and Constructive featuring artists such as Lucy Railton, Kit Downes, Chris Watson, Aisha Orazbayeva, Oliver Leith, Takuma Watanabe and Jack Sheen.

He has curated events at the ICA, Gagosian Gallery and the Unsound Festival whilst recently co-curating with 33 33; a concert based around new directions with the church organ featuring Kali Malone, Lucy Railton, Kit Downes and FUJI|||||||||||||TA.
Adrian Corker
Title / Re-works of Since It Turned Out Something Else
Catalogue Number / CN4
Release Date / 4th November 2022
Formats / Limited Edition 12", Digital
Mastering / Graeme Durham at The Exchange
Publishing / Faber Music
Artwork / Joe Gilmore @ Qubik

Constructive are pleased to announce our fifth release, reworks by TIBSLC of Adrian Corker’s recent album ‘Since It Turned Out Something Else’. Having met earlier this year when TIBSLC played at an album launch in London for Jack Sheen at Cafe Oto, Corker asked if they would be interested in taking the tracks as raw material to create a new set of pieces. The original acoustic worlds of the tracks, a combination of contemporary composition and electroacoustic techniques , are transformed into complex ever shifting digital landscapes. Performances by players such as Aisha Orazabayeva, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and Ligeti Quartet are dissolved into strata of sound with fragments appearing from time to time like hints of archaeological ruins.
© 2022 Adrian Corker
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